Thank you to all of our ISPTSA Campus Improvement Day volunteers!
May 4th, 2019
A HUGE thank you to all who helped make our 3rd annual Campus Improvement Day such a success! Our hard-working crew cleaned up the main campus, turf field, and lower fields; weeded and pruned the plants around the parking lot; weeded and swept the inner courtyard; spread bark; and cleaned up garbage and recycling.
Thanks to the following students, adults, and the Titan Robotics Team: Aiden, Bill, Brian, Bert, Cece, Christina, Claire, Eleanor, Gail, Grace, Hannah, Isaac, Jack, Jaden, Jasna, Jeff, Jessica, Julie, Justin, Kanan, Laura, Lauren, Li, Linda, Matt, Maxton, Meribeth, Ruby, Sebastian, Sue, Sully, Tessa, Vern, William, Zena.
Take a look next time you're on campus and see what a difference their hard work made!